2017 FIBA under 19 Basketball World Cup

Ort: Cairo , Auftragnehmer: The Army, Quadratmeter: 2300m2,

Kategorien: Portable Systeme, Basketball

The 2017 FIBA under-19 Basketball World Cup was held in Cairo, Egypt from 1st to 9th July 2017.
The project consisted of 2 competition courts and 1 training facility court. In total 2300 square meters.
As the client wanted to use the facility to both sporting and non-sporting events, the choice fell on a Junckers Portable A3 flooring solution in the wood species Beech Premium - A solution where each floor panel has a size of 513 x 1800mm, weighing 15 kilos only. This is a major advantage since assembly and dismantling can be done by one person per panel. The floor panels are easily locked securely into position with a pre-mounted assembling fitting. Assembly is approximately 3 hours for 800 m² of portable flooring and a bit less time for dismantling.

The courts were painted on site in black according to FIBA competition rules by NOLET, Cairo owned by Mr Ashraf Hanafi.

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