Balatonboglár National Handball Academy

Ort: Ungarn , Architekt: National Sportcenter , Auftragnehmer: ZÁÉV zrt, Quadratmeter: 3362m2,

Kategorien: Arenas und Sporthallen, Handball

When The National Handball Academy needed to install a new sports floor had a demand for a high quality sports floor. A Junckers sports floor was chosen after a close cooperation between Junckers Technical Department and The National Handball Academy.

3362 m² of SylvaSport Beech in the quality Premium was chosen for this project. The surface was treated with Silk Matt lacquer. The floor was installed on a UnoBAT 45.

The UnoBat 45 undercarriage system has the world’s lowest construction height for A4 high performance sports floors installed on batten constructions. UnoBat 45 is also very easy and fast to install making it possible to keep down both costs and building time.

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