Fountain Valley High School

Ort: California , Architekt: Fountain Valley School District, Auftragnehmer: Pacific Floors, Quadratmeter: 1800m2,

Kategorien: Schul- Sporthallen

Fountain Valley High schoolThe school needed to replace their existing sports floor with a new, higher performance system. The existing slab recess was 150 mm or more. The previous generation of DuoBat 120+ was the perfect solution from both a height and performance point of view.

The replacement floor system needed to be 150 mm thick and the replacement work performed quickly. Junckers prefinished hardwood flooring planks, and DuoBat 120+ system was the perfect solution. DuoBAT 120+ is a double layer batten system including a specially developed wedge system that allows levelling to the desired height and flatness of the floor without the use of nails and tools.

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