Human Museum

Ort: Paris , Architekt: Brochet Lajus Pueyo Bordeaux and Nebout archtecture Montpellier, Quadratmeter: 4800m2, Installationsmethode : Glued down

Kategorien: Museen & Gallerien

The "Musée de l’Homme" is an anthropology museum in Paris, France. It was established in 1937 by Paul Rivet for the 1937 Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne.

The museum is part of the Musée national d’histoire naturelle. Its original purpose was to gather in a one place all that can define humanity: its evolution, its unity and its variety, and its cultural and social expression.

The museum has been through a renovation and reopend in October 2015.

Junckers installed:

2000 sqm of 22mm oak classic and harmony ultra mat lacquered , glued to the sub-floor

1800 sqm of black oak harmony ultra-mat lacquered, glued to the sub-floor

1000 sqm of 22mm Nordic Ash classic installed in the administration offices.

Auswahl der diele

Massivparkett - Eiche Landhausdiele - Räuchereiche Landhausdiele - Helle Esche Nordic