Pivot Interiors

Ort: San Jose California , Architekt: Gensler San Jose, Auftragnehmer: Hoem Associates,

Kategorien: Büro's

The company "Pivot Interiors" creates exceptional interior solutions for companies of all sizes - from luxuriously furnished office environments to functional facilities in the health sector.  

This corporate office build in 2016 is designed to showcase the natural expression that Junckers solid hardwood floors have. The wooden floors are mounted vertically on the walls and led down to floor level and passed on through the office, right up to the lobby. The overall design is modern, clean and with simplicity in expression.

For the purpose is chosen a Junckers 14mm 2-strip solid hardwood oak toned with the color Nordic, a slightly transparent white that contributes to preserve the natural appearance of the oak. The floor and walls complement beautifully the rest of the design and interior of the office.

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Massivparkett - Eiche Nordic