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Ort: Göteborg, Schweden ,

Kategorien: Arenas und Sporthallen, Portable Systeme, Handball

As one of the busiest, largest indoor arenas in Scandinavia, Gothenburg Skandinavium Arena often needs to change their flooring surfaces to host the next event. It can range from ice hockey to rock concerts and for handball matches the floor must be installed on top of the ice. With a Junckers Portable solution, it is possible in a few hours to create a floor with the same qualities as a permanent installed sports floor.

Today, flexibility is essential for the modern sports hall. Changing floors must be quick and efficient. Primarily, we use the floor for handball matches. Most of the time, around 10-12 times a year, we place the floor on top of the ice in the middle of the arena but three to five times a year we install the 1.800 m² floor in the whole arena. From start to finish, this process takes between two to four hours and then a little bit less to remove it.

We are very pleased with our Junckers floor. It saves us a lot of time, both logistically and in the actual handling of the floor. Even the players are thrilled about the floor and tell us that there is absolutely no difference to playing on a permanent sports floor, says Sports Hall Manager Stefan Larsson.

Junckers A4 Portable Floors are delivered as light weight panels with pre-fixed battens mounted soft pads to provide the right shock absorption and resilience. The floor fully conforms to all requirements of the European sports floor standard EN 14904.

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