SF Fitness

Ort: San Francisco, CA , Quadratmeter: 260m2, Installationsmethode : Clipped over Sport Foam

Kategorien: Fitness-Clubs

Fitness SF wanted to have a head turning Group Exercise area, as this room can be seen from those walking outside this busy downtown San Francisco location.

For the floor Michael Wendt with Club Resource Group proposed Junckers Hot Salsa color. This worked well with the other flashy colored accessories in the space, and brought a lot of "street attention" to this high end club.

At the other end of the club, and at the other end of the spectrum in terms of dazzlingly bold, is the calm, warm, Yoga room. Here, members are asked to remove their shoes before they enter. The reclaimed wood walls and Dark Coco floor provide the perfect sanctuary for stretching, deep breathing and de-stressing.


Clip Studio Floor