Ort: MyPlace, Aston , Architekt: Designed by Associated Architects , Quadratmeter: 650m2,

Kategorien: Arenas und Sporthallen

Junckers premium Sports Flooring System has been installed at MyPlace Aston, a new youth facility. Designed by Associated Architects for Birmingham Youth Services, the £5M project received funding from the Government’s £240M MyPlace programme.

The facilities include a multi-use sports hall featuring Junckers’ SylvaSport floor over the New Era leveling system providing a complete solution and conform to all required standards. The use of semi-transparent coloured polycarbonate cladding allows the sports hall to be naturally lit during the day while in the evening, LED lighting becomes a wonderful feature.

Junckers sports flooring systems simplify specifier choices by combining player safety with outstanding ball response, cost-effectiveness and ease of installation. The product of high level research and development, Junckers floors can be found in world class facilities all over the world.

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