Ort: Lisboa, Portugal , Architekt: Jorge Manuel Morgadinho, Auftragnehmer: SONAE SIERRA, Quadratmeter: 800m2,

Kategorien: Verkaufs- und Ausstellungsräume

The Vasco da Gama shopping centre in Lisbon was inaugurated the 21st of April 1999. The project was originally developed by Sonae Sierra / ING Real Estate.

The shopping centre has a very innovative design. The building is shaped like a large ship with architectural features leading one's thoughts to the sea and oceans. Vasco da Gama offers a variety of shops, restaurants, cinemas, fitness centre and playground for the children.

When the walking areas in Vasco da Gama were to be renovated in 2016 the choice fell on Junckers. The architect was looking for a solid hardwood flooring with the possibility of combining different colours and shapes.

Four different types of wooden flooring were chosen for the purpose. Beech in the natural colour of the wood species, SylvaKet which is beech coloured throughout with a warm honey brown colour, SylvaRed which is beech coloured with a warm reddish colour and as the fourth colour the characteristic Black Oak.

The wooden floor has a very matt look with a play of colours in soft shapes and the unique characteristic of a strip floor.

Auswahl der diele

Massivparkett - Buche Massivparkett - Buche SylvaKet Massivparkett - Buche SylvaRed Massivparkett - Räuchereiche