Certified timber – PEFC™ and FSC®

FSC og PEFC logo.jpg

About two-thirds of our purchases of timber logs come from certified forests in Denmark, Germany, Poland and Sweden. The forests are certified according to the internationally recognised certification schemes FSC® and PEFC™. In general, we work consciously and actively on increasing the share of certified timber.

The remaining logs come from uncertified forests in the same countries, where legal and sensible forestry is ensured by the national legislation in itself.

Since 2006, Junckers is CoC-certified (CoC = Chain of Custody) and is, therefore, entitled to sell products that are certified according to the PEFC scheme (certificate no. 200663), and since 2010, according to the FSC® scheme (BV-COC-001400 and BV-CW-001400).

For trading products – which today account for less than 5% of Junckers’ revenue and are purchased globally – it is our aim to increase the share of suppliers that are certified.