Conservatoire de la ville de Tarbes

Location: Dept 65 – France , Contractor: Ville de Tarbes, Square meters: 300m2,

Categories: Dance and Ballet

The concervatory was originally a chapel but it was converted into a business school before it opened as national school for music and dance back in 1989.

For this project Junckers delivered 300m² of solid hardwood Beech SylvaSport Premium, silkmatt lacquered and to ensure the highest level of sport performance properties Junckers sub-construction UnoBat 62+ was chosen. This particular sub-construction is a batten based solution and it also features a unique adjustable and locking wedge system making it easy to level and accommodate the flatness of the hardwood flooring to all types of uneven subfloors.

Choice of floorboard

Sports Floors - Beech SylvaSport