Petőfi Sándor Elementary School gym restoration

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For the elementary school, high quality education is a top priority. And because physical activity promotes children’s ability to learn, well-being and general health, it is important for them to provide a space for the pupils to go to after classes.

When needing to restore the gym, the client wanted a sports flooring of high quality that did not leave a CO2 footprint. The choice fell on Junckers hardwood floor installed on a BluBat undercarriange system. The BluBat family is a batten based system that offers thickness, flexibility and is easy and fast to install.

Junckers solid hardwood flooring is made from renewable, sustainable forests and the entire manufacturing process is powered by Junckers’ own on-site power plant, which uses the residual wood of the forested timber. The floors are suitable for both general gym classes and sports such as volleyball, karate and soccer.

Choice of floorboard

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