Falkonergårdens Gymnasium

Lieu: Copenhagen , Architecte: Falko , Mètres Carrés: 1000m2, Méthode d’Installation: DuoBAT 120+

Catégories: Ecoles

New multi-purpose sports hall at Falkonergårdens Gymnasium, Denmark was awarded this year "Store Arne" for its beautiful architectural concept, where new and old supporting each other’s narrative.

The new building meets the existing buildings stock values respectfully, but at the same time it is modern, functional and empathetic.

From the large programmatic grip and down to the smallest detail, it is a convincing and complete piece of architecture that bears witness to the architectural tenacity and thoughtfulness. The use of materials and thoughtful plan will give Falkonergårdens students joy for many years to come.

Falko Architects receives "Store Arne" for a very successful project that shows an empathetic approach to the building in a sensitive place, with understanding and respect for one’s surroundings.

Junckers Oak Champion, 2-strip was chosen for this beautiful project, installed on a DuoBAT 120+ and surface treated with Silk Matt laquer. Linemarkings are painted with Junckers HP SportsLine.

The seating area is also Junckers solid hardwood Oak Champion, 2-strip.

Choix des lames

Parquet massif - Chêne

systèmes sportifs

DUOBAT 120+ | Parquets et sols sportifs