Arcadia High School

Location: Los Angeles, California , Architect: LPA, Contractor: McWil Sports Surfaces, Square meters: 1800m2,

Categories: School Gyms

Arcadia High School’s gym renovation was publicly funded from the Los Angeles Union School District.  Upon inspecting the existing 40 year old floor, one could see that the uneven 152 to 178mm sub floor construction really was a challenge for the existing floor.  Additionally, there was a newly added on floor system to the old gym floor with a construction height of only 102mm.  This created the necessity to have two floor systems used beneath one large gym floor area. 

The perfect solution proved to be Junckers 2-layer batten solution DuoBAT 120+ with possible construction height from 120-245mm and Junckers 1-layer batten solution UnoBAT 62+ with possible construction height from 62-214mm.

1800 m² of Junckers solid hardwood SylvaSport Beech Premium were installed in this gym and the fact that the hardwood floor was lacquered from the factory enabled a quick turnaround time, so the school could reopen quickly.

Sport Systems

UnoBat 62+ DuoBat 120+