Havdrup Hall

Location: Havdrup, Denmark ,

Categories: Arenas and Sport Halls

Havdrup Hall 2 is an extension to the existing hall. It has been an important factor to get the new hall to appear open and welcoming - both inside and out. The architectural starting point has been to use the human proportions.

Together with the functional relationship it has been important to create an architectural unity throughout the project. At the same time the facilities in the new hall has to work optimally in conjunction with the old hall and its facilities.

The entire project is carried out with simple technical and constructive solutions to minimize maintenance costs. In the sports hall was installed in 1200 m² Beech SylvaKet parquet in the class Premium, coated with a satin lacquer. The floor was laid on a DuoBAT 120+ batten system. A double layer batten system including a specially developed wedge system that allows levelling to the desired height and flatness of the floor without the use of nails and tools.

Choice of floorboard

Sports Floors - Beech SylvaKet

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DuoBat 120+