Starlite Ballroom Dance Studio

Location: San Jose, California, USA , Contractor: Dance Floor USA, Square meters: 200m2, Installation Method: USA

Categories: Dance and Ballet

The Starlite Studio Owner was familiar with Junckers Clip System Dance Flooring as he and many of his colleagues know about the same system being supplied to the Dancing With The Stars television show for all 23 seasons. The studio owner wanted the most comfortable ballroom dance floor on the market, with the best reputation and unmatched warranty. 

The Clip System is a low profile, floating sports flooring system, designed for installations over all types of flat subfloors. This system is ideal when the finished floor height must be kept to an absolute minimum.

The contractor “Dance Floor USA” is a long time business partner of Junckers USA, responsible for hundreds of dance floors supplied across the United States.

Choice of floorboard

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