Location: Hørsholm, Denmark ,

Categories: Theaters & Concert Halls

JJW has been responsible for the rebuilding of “Trommen and Lille Trommen” at Nordsjællands Kulturhus, as sub-advisors to Rambøll. The conversion includes the selection of furniture, colour schemes, materials and surfaces in the two halls. Both halls are multifunctional and will serve as a combination of theater, concert halls and cinemas.

The customer's goal was to get a uniform expression in the two halls; in material and colour. The main part of the project was to rebuild “Trommesalen”. JJW Architects chose to use a solid beech wood floor from Junckers, treated with Junckers Rustic Oil in the colour Anthracite Gray, thus creating a uniform floor in the two halls. JJW and contractor are very pleased with the result. The halls appear as uniform as possible despite their immediately diverse architecture.

“Trommen” was originally designed by Knud Munk, who is also known for the Planetarium in Copenhagen.

Choice of floorboard

Wooden flooring - Beech