New Era UnoBat

The New Era UnoBat system is a packable high quality flooring system which can be installed over an uneven sub‑floor. This system incorporates a black evazote polyethelene foam rubber base for higher performance characteristics to the higher A4 level of the standard.

The system comprises the 22 mm Junckers solid hardwood board, secretly nailed to a kiln dried softwood batten, which is supported by foam backed strong polypropylene cradles. Fine levelling of the system takes place between the cradles and the battens. There are a range of heights available from 75 mm to 439 mm. Choice of batten centres depends on requirements as to sports performance and loading capacity.



Performance Area-elastic according to EN 14904 class A4
Use All types of sport
Multi-functional sports halls
From small leisure centres to large arenas
Floorboard type Prefinished 22mm 2-strip solid hardwood floor
Subconstruction Single layer batten system
Batten Centre, C/C 411,1mm
Required subfloor Flat or uneven
Construction height 75mm - 439mm
Junckers 25 years fatigue test
Sanding and re-sealing Yes to bare wood 8-10 times
Suitable for underfloor heating Yes
NewEra_med systemkomponent.jpg

Minimum construction height, including 22 mm thick floorboard - 74 mm

1. 22 x 129 x 3700 mm floorboards
2. New Era batten system: 36 or 48 mm x 45 mm x 1800 mm
3. Polyproplylene cradles with 10mm foam
4. Polythene vapour check
5. Skirtings

  Requirements EN 14904:A4 Test results
Shock absorption ≥ 55 < 75 % 65 %
Vertical deformation ≥ 2.3 < 5.0 mm 2.8 mm
Ball Bounce ≥ 90 % 91%
Friction ≥ 80 ≤ 110 ~ 85
Rolling load ≥ 1500 N ✓ 2500 N1
Point load None 4500 N ~ 450 kg2
1)Junckers test with solid rubber wheels: width 50mm, diameter 100mm.
2)Junckers test with 100x100mm point load.


Choice of floorboard

A Junckers sports floor is made from 100% solid hardwood and will last for generations. Each floor board is made from two rows of staves and is tongue and groove jointed all round.

The floors are extremely stable and therefore cause no challenges when humidity levels change through the year. We take far longer than normal over the drying process to ensure that the movements that occur naturally in all wood is fully controlled and kept to a minimum. Our Beech and Maple sports floors are dried using Junckers unique press drying method.

Our floors are ready to use as soon as they are fitted. This is because Junckers floors are sealed in the factory with our own produced hard wearing polyurethane lacquer.

All Junckers solid hardwood sports floors can be delivered with either a FSC® or PEFC™ accreditation. The floors are A plus rated in the BRE Green Guide and have the Danish Indoor Climate Certificate for low emissions of organic substances. A Junckers sports floor gives you the best floor for your health and the environment.

We guarantee fast and easy installation. Each floor board has a length of 3700mm and covers approx. 0.5 m².