Location: Hungary, Budapest , Architect: ONL Architect, Square meters: 3814m2,

Categories: Retail & Showrooms, Public Buildings

Bálna Budapest also known as CET is a shopping, entertainment and cultural center situated in the middle of the city. This center, beautifully placed close to the river Danube, is a fusion between new and old buildings and a contributing factor to make Budapest a metropolis located right in the heart of Europe.

In total 3.814 m² of Junckers solid hardwood oak planks are installed in the walking areas of this building and choice fell on Junckers’, because the architect wanted a durable floor in natural materials. Planks with different looks were chosen. An oak floor with a more rustic appearance and an oak floor with a little less color and structural variation. All the floors are glued down and the surface is oiled. An oiled surface makes it easy to perform regular maintenance without having to partition off sections of the areas for a longer period.

Choice of floorboard

Plank Flooring - Oak