House Hare

Location: South Africa , Square meters: 180m2, Installation Method: Clip System

Categories: Private Home Owner, Living space, Bed room, Kitchen

This high-end residential project in South-Africa was carried out by a local architect who wanted to create a unique living experience, uniting natural material like stone, glass and wood.

The house is situated on a hillside overlooking the local bridge. This spectacular location called for extraordinary design. The stone walls and floors blend in perfectly with the natural surroundings linked to the inside of the house through the big glass facade. The architect chose wood with its inherent warmth to contrast the cold materials stone and wood.

"It is an area with residents from various countries and Junckers Hardwood Flooring has an international appeal and reputation. From the vast product range, we chose Sylvared in the Classic style. It has a contemporary look, adding a warm feeling to the entire house", the architect says.

Choice of floorboard

Wooden flooring - Beech SylvaRed