Illyés-Aramis Futsal Sportcsarnok

Location: Budaörs, Pest County , Architect: SAGRA Architect Ltd. , Contractor: SPORT FLOOR Ltd., Square meters: 1100m2,

Categories: Theaters & Concert Halls, Arenas and Sport Halls, Basketball, Futsal, Handball

The brand new sports facility Illyés-Aramis Futsal Sportcsarnok is being used for multiple sports activities, such as futsal, handball, volleyball and basketball as well as cultural events on both a domestic and an international level.

The high performance and technical properties of the floor and the fact that the 2017 European Basketball Championship was played on a Junckers Sports floor made the architect choose Junckers.

The arena is equipped with 1100 m² Junckers Sports Floor “Beech SylvaSport Club” on a Junckers UnoBAT 45 Club

The UnoBat 45 undercarriage system has the world’s lowest construction height for A4 high performance sports floors installed on batten constructions. UnoBat 45 is also very easy and fast to install making it possible to keep down both costs and building time.

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