WKK Sport Center

Location: Wroclaw, Poland , Contractor: Erzet-Podłogi, Bielsko-Biała, Square meters: 2000m2, Installation Method: UnoBAT 62+

Categories: Basketball

This sports hall in Wroclaw is not only the biggest in Poland but also the largest basketball training facility in Europe and the training ground of Poland's elite basketball players.

Over 2000 m² of our solid hardwood maple sports floor was fitted in this sports hall and the floor type was chosen due to the fact that this particular wood species has a very light and natural look.

The sub-construction is Junckers UnoBat 62+, a single layer batten system easy to level into correct height and flatness. This solution can be levelled from 62 - 214mm and is very suitable for uneven sub-floors.

Choice of floorboard

Sports Floors - Maple

Sport Systems

UnoBat 62+