Plats: LANDERNEAU , Arkitekt: bvl architecture - Paris, Entreprenör: Public project, Kvadratmeter: 2300m2,

Kategorier: Sporthallar & Arenor

“La Cimenterie” brings local sports to a new dimension. The facility can host disciplines on a national level: basketball, handball, table tennis, judo, etc. The sports hall has 1500 seats, whereas 800 are retractable seats.

The Name ”La Cimenterie” refers to the industrial past – the building was originally a production facility for producing prefinished concrete parts.

The floor is installed on a UnoBAT 45 undercarriage system – the world’s lowest construction height for a A4 high performance sports floor, and it is very easy and fast to install making it possible to keep down both costs and building time.

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UnoBat 45