Centro Sportivo

Plats: Tenero TI, Switzerland , Entreprenör: Holzpunkt AG & Fritz Schüpbach , Kvadratmeter: 1250m2,

Kategorier: Sporthallar & Arenor, Basketboll, Handboll, Ishocky, Gymnasikhall

The Centro Sportivo in Tenero, CST is the helping hand of the Swiss Federal Office of Sport (UFSPO). A public authority promoting sport activities for young people.  CST provides excellent facilities for several sport disciplines and hosts many different sport events.

The client wanted for this project a sustainable floor with the best sports technical properties and the choice fell on a PEFC certified Junckers maple sports floor. The 1.250 m² solid hardwood floor is delivered in Juncker Champion quality, i.e. with a look that has very little colour and structural graining variation. The surface is pre-finished with a silk matt lacquer.

The sub construction is a Junckers DuoBAT 120+. A double layer batten system including a specially developed wedge system that allows levelling to the desired height and flatness of the floor without the use of nails and tools.

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DuoBat 120+