Det Biologiske Hus

Plats: Middelfart, Denmark , Arkitekt: EN TIL EN ARKITEKTER,

Kategorier: Allmäna byggnader

”Det Biologiske Hus” is a sustainable Danish housing concept with high quality housing built of biological surplus materials from the agricultural industry. Materials that are now primarily burned to energy production are being processed into valuable building materials based on residual material from the production of grass, straw, tomato, seaweed and eel. The concept uses Cradle to Cradle principles, new digital production technologies and material 'upcycling' in the development of a modern and ecological house with high architectural quality. “Det Biologiske Hus” is a competitive and modular house concept that addresses the broad population as a concrete solution to the climate and economic challenges of the future.

In connection with EN til EN Architects Junckers has delivered and installed 120 m² 2-strip brushed oak. Junckers solid flooring was chosen for this project, because of its high quality, beautiful and unique finish and the fact that Junckers obtains its’s materials from local and sustainable sources. Junckers is a Danish product and a strong brand that helps to enhance the quality and relevance of the building in the building market with increasing focus on climate, materials and environmental impacts "

“Det Biologiske Hus” in Middelfart, is used as a showroom and can be visited after making an appointment.

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Massiv 2-stavs parkettgolv - Texturerad Ek