Apartment, Copenhagen

Plats: Denmark , Arkitekt: David Zahles , Kvadratmeter: 230m2, Installationsmetod : Battens

Kategorier: Enfamiljs hus

"Mesterlige ombygninger" is a program on Danish television where six families are assisted in their construction projects by the Danish architect David Zahle.

In the city center of Copenhagen close to the Royal Theater, Sammy and Trine own an apartment that needed a total renovation. The couple chose to install 230 m² of solid hardwood oak strip board flooring throughout the apartment.

The hardwood floor is in Harmony style, a floor board with a natural appearance and some colour and structural graining variation. Surface treated with clear oil from factory and the floor was therefore ready for use right after installation.

Sammy said about the floor "We are so happy about the floor. It was a pleasure to get a first-class quality hardwood floor. It means everything when you are doing such a big renovation. We are so grateful".

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