Palais des sports à Bordeaux

Plats: Bordeaux, France , Installationsmetod : DuoBAT 120+

Kategorier: Basketboll, Sport & Dans

Located in Place de la Ferme de Richemont, the sports palace revives its original sports function with 2600 seats. The architect behind is Pierre Ferret. 

For some years the premisis has functioned as an auditorium for theatres and concerts, but in January 2016 Palais Des Sports reopened as a sports facility. 

The architectural highlight is to the skeleton of the structure consisting of concrete porticos over 6 meters in hight. The project is also characterized by the desire to bring natural light inside the building by drilling large openings and install windows.

On a DuoBAT 120+ Junckers Nordic Beech Classic 2-strip was installed as the colour of the floor fullfilled the light look in the building and the subconstruction the demand for high impact sports.

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DuoBat 120+