University of Hertfordshire Prince Edward Hall

Plats: Hatfield, UK , Arkitekt: Vincent and Gorbing. Stride Treglown, Entreprenör: PICA Flooring, Kvadratmeter: 1100m2,

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The story behind the project:
Over 1100m2 of Junckers flooring has been installed in the hall, on the floors, walls and ceilings

Architect’s or contractor’s reasonfor choosing Junckers:
The extended and re modeled scheme takes the form of a granite box. The interior has been lined throughout with Junckers Beech and SylvaKet flooring creating a stunning effect, a testament to how contemporary wood paneling is gaining momentum in design.


The floors were treated with ultra matt and silk matt laquer.

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Massiv 2-stavs parkettgolv - Bok Massiv 2-stavs parkettgolv - Bok SylvaKet