Welsh Institute of Sports

Plats: Sofia Gardens, Cardiff, Wales, UK , Entreprenör: Moran Floors, Kvadratmeter: 1400m2,

Kategorier: Sporthallar & Arenor

Over 1400m² of Junckers Bech SylvaSport flooring was chosen by the client to refurbish their main hall. Junckers solid hardwood flooring was in use in a number of secondary halls and had performed well. This was a registered centre as an official Olympic training camp for the 2012 games. The National Centre has to accommodate a variety of International events including Wheel Chair Rugby.

The Operations Manager, Mr. Nick Lia said “With several of Junckers floors in the centre already, Junckers was the obvious choice for our main showcase venue”.

The floor is surface treated with a silkmatt lacquer.

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