OYSTER GREY - a new shade of grey on beech

Acknowledging that grey still is a highly demanded colour, we are very happy to be able to introduce a new shade of grey on beech

Beech Oyster Grey Harmony 2strip.jpg
20 Januar 2017

Oyster Grey

14 & 22mm Beech Harmony, Ultra matt

When beech is toned with the colour Oyster Grey the floor appears with a touch of grey, beautifully enhancing the natural grain structure of the wood. The colour is ideal where a hint of colour is needed to complement the interior of the room. 

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Under floor heating

A Juncker solid hardwood floor is guaranteed  for use together with all types of Under Floor Heating Systems. 

Solid hardwood floors lasting for generations
  • Own produced solid hardwood flooring since the 1930´s
  • Wood Care since the 1950´s.
  • Product design based on a long heritage of Danish craftsmanship.
  • Designed and manufactured in Denmark.
  • Based on sustainability from log to finished floor