Arcadia High School

Location: Los Angeles, California , Architect: LPA, Contractor: McWil Sports Surfaces, Square meters: 1800m2,

Categories: School Gyms

Arcadia High School’s gym renovation was publicly funded from the Los Angeles Union School District.  Upon inspecting the existing 40 year old floor, one could see the irregular 7 to 8” slab recess needed to accommodate the antiquated “bulldog clip” system.  Additionally, there was a newly added on area to the gym floor with only a 4” slab recess.  This created the necessity to have two floor systems used beneath one large gym floor area.

Junckers DuoBat 120+ and UnoBat 62+ proved to be the perfect subfloor solution.  Not only were the subfloor systems perfect for the existing slab recesses, the prefinished aspect of Junckers planks enabled a quick turnaround time, so the school could reopen quickly. 

1,800 m² of Junckers solid hardwood SylvaSport Beech Premium were installed in this gym.
Site applied stain for 3-point apron.

Sport Systems

UnoBat 62+ DuoBat 120+