Electric Ballroom

Location: Camden Town, United Kingdom , Square meters: 330m2,

Categories: Restaurants, Night clubs & Bars, Theaters & Concert Halls

The historic music venue, which has hosted the likes of Sid Vicious, Madness, The Clash and the Smiths and more recently The Killers, The Raconteurs and Paul McCartney, dates back to the 1930’s and is one of London’s most famous music venues. Junckers Maple Classic has been specified for the main area below the stage of the Electric Ballroom in the heart of Camden Town.

Solid Maple Classic is one of Junckers’ hardest timber species, durable enough to withstand the huge crowds at the Electric Ballroom. The floor has been finished with Junckers’ High Performance Friction+, a specialist, slip resistant seal, developed especifically for bars, restaurants and pubs

Solid hardwood flooring choices

2 Strip hardwood floors - Maple