Location: Copenhagen , Architect: Holmris,

Categories: Restaurants, Night clubs & Bars

Tigermom is a brand new, one-of-a-kind restaurant in Copenhagen. The interior design concept was developed by All That Matters and here they explain how they created a restaurant with a unique atmosphere that gives it an edge and makes it stand out.

Our vision for Tigermom was to create a surprising, eccentric, and intriguing space with traditional aesthetics as the foundation in combination with a bold, playful, and independent expression with intense colors and quirky details.

This project was inspired by Lisa, the founder of Tigermom. Her personality radiates international edginess, strength, femininity, and a modern take on the Asian culinary scene. Lisa had many different ideas and inspirations for the space, which made it our job to collect, filter, and assemble her considerations in one coherent vision.

Contrasting elements are key
We focused on finding contrasting materials by combining down-to-earth plastic chairs that remind you of local street food markets, authentic dining experiences, and lavish patterned wallpaper and fabric. We worked within the same collections but used different fabric colours to create variation in each area.

It’s all in the details
We emphasized the small details because we believe that the detailing in a project is what leaves a lasting impression on future guests. At first glance, the flooring also looks traditional but when taking a closer look, you see the elegant hexagon pattern which adds yet another decorative feature. This solid hardwood floor is from Junckers in the wood species Oak.

Photograph: www.bbphotography.dk.


Solid hardwood flooring choices

Hardwood floor patterns or designs - Oak