Junckers offers sports flooring to suit any indoor sport

Junckers offers sports flooring to suit any indoor sport. Whether you are looking for a floor for Basketball, Handball, Squash, Futsal, Badminton, Fitness, Dance, a School Gym or a multipurpose arena, you will find the solution here.

With experience gained from manufacturing solid hardwood floors since the 1930's, along with urethane and oil finishing treatments since the 1950's, Junckers has the technical expertise to design and supply the optimal performing sports systems and high quality solid hardwood flooring, for individual sports, multipurpose use and dance floors. Today we have a global presence and are a substantial supplier of sports floor systems all over the world.

All Junckers sports floors perform with unique area-elastic characteristics and this gives the athlete the ultimate in freedom of movement, protection against injury and ensuring athletes can achieve their best. Our sports floor solutions are tested and approved in accordance with the European standard EN 14904. The standard is worldwide recognized and specifies the requirements of performance for a sport floor. Additionally, all our sports floor systems are guaranteed for use over under floor heating.

The floors are supplied prefinished with urethane from the factory. They are easy to maintain and are created for generations of use. It is not unusual to see Junckers floors in sport facilities which are 50-60 years old.