Portable A4

The Portable A4 System consists of 22mm solid hardwood floor boards, preassembled into light weight, hand carried panels. Each floor panel has several prefixed battens mounted with soft rubber pads to provide correct shock absorption and resilience.

Each floor panel is easily locked securely into position with a pre-mounted assembling fitting. Lengthwise the panels have a tongue and groove connection and at ends the panels are joined using loose tongues.

A supporting and protecting edge reducer forms a strong edge for the perimeter of the floor.

For faster and more flexible installation ask for Junckers CenterRow Panels that makes two way installation possible.

Junckers custom designed storage carts make transportation and storage of the panels easy.

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Performance Area-elastic according to EN 14904 class A4
Use Temporary use, sport and non-sporting events
Installation over ice-rinks possible
Hardwood type Prefinished 7/8” (22 mm) solid hardwood
Panel size Full panel 20” wide x 6’ long (513 mm x 1800 mm)
Half panel 20” wide x 3’ long (513 mm x 900 mm)
Panel weight Full panel 35 lbs (16 kgs) - Half panel 17.5 lbs ( 8 kgs)
System construction Single layer sleeper
Required subfloor Flat
Total floor system thickness. 1 5/8” (40 mm)
Junckers 25 years fatigue test
Sanding and refinishing Yes, 8-10 times to bare wood
Compatible with radient heating Yes
PortableA4_med systemkomponent.jpg

1. Floor panels:
- Full panel 7/8" (22 mm) x 20" (513 mm) x 6’ (1800 mm)
- Half panel 7/8" (22 mm) x 20" (513 mm) x 3’ (900 mm)
2. Pre-attached sleepers with shock pads
3. Aluminium clad edge reducer

  Requirements EN 14904:A4 Test results
Shock absorption ≥ 55 < 75 % 60 %
Vertical deformation ≥ 2.3 < 5.0 mm 2.9 mm
Ball Bounce ≥ 90 % 94 %
Friction ≥ 80 ≤ 110 ~ 85
Rolling load ≥ 1500 N √ 3000 N1
Point load None 5000 N ~ 500 kgs2
1)Junckers test with solid rubber wheels: width 50mm, diameter 100mm.
2)Junckers test with 100x100mm point load.

Scandinavium Arena, Gothenbrug Sweden

As one of the busiest, largest indoor arenas in Scandinavia, Gothenburg Scandinavium Arena often needs to change their flooring surfaces to cater for the next activity, ranging from ice hockey to rock concerts. For handball matches, Junckers’ A4 Portable Sports Floor is installed on top of the ice and in a matter of hours, the arena boasts a floor with the same qualities as a permanent sports flooring system.


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