Under floor heating

Junckers Ibstock Place School

Junckers is the only solid hardwood floor manufacturer guaranteeing that our floors work with under floor heating.

Every year we supply thousands of square metres of solid hardwood flooring for use with under floor heating, and we have been doing this for over 25 years – all without problem.

We are able to draw upon a wealth of experience gained in many types of building and with many under floor heating systems. Whether your floor is in a residential property, shop, office, sports hall or dance studio, you get the same reliable performance that underpins all Junckers hardwood floor systems.

For the designer, Junckers floor systems are very easy to use with under Floor Heating, often it is unnecessary to alter the hardwood floor system in any way to include the heating system and we have yet to find a heating system which cannot be used with our floors. We offer full technical and design back up for all our systems so you can be sure that the floor will perform at its best. For the client and end-user you have a floor which is tried and tested, properly designed and one which will provide you with decades of trouble-free service.

How can Junckers guarantee their solid floors with Under Floor Heating, when no one else can?

The explanation is that we produce floor boards which are extremely stable and to a very high degree of machining.

We achieve this by taking an unusually long time over the drying process, and we use strict quality checks at several stages along the way. In this way we ensure that the finished floor boards all have an extremely uniform moisture content.

A uniform moisture content means that when the floor expands and shrinks through the seasons (as all wood floors do), a Junckers board will have only small and very uniform gaps during the winter heating season. Many other floor products on the market will tend to have larger, random gaps or run the risk of splitting, warping or de-lamination.

Therefore many other manufacturers cannot recommend their floors for use with under floor heating.