Singlestave Blocks

Oak is a hardwood species characterised by being hard-wearing and therefore very suitable for flooring.

The wood has a warm and golden glow, an interesting grain structure and over time the natural ageing gives the wood an authentic appearance. Delivered as single stave blocks the floor can be installed in numerous patterns. Surface treatment is conducted on site with either lacquer, oil or a combination of both.

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This grade has a natural look with some colour and structural graining variation between the individual staves. Medium sized knots and hairline splits occur to some degree. Sapwood occurs.

Harmony thickness x width
15mm × 58,3mm, 15mm × 62,1mm, 22mm × 58,3mm, 22mm × 62,1mm

Harmony surfaces

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B 9.0
Solid Hardwood Flooring
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H 2.0
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C 9.0
Solid Hardwood Flooring
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Make sure you choose the right colour!

Since colours are difficult to reproduce online, the actual colour on a wooden floor can vary from the colour shown on the screen. We thus always recommend ordering a free physical sample before placing the order. Junckers accepts no liability for possible deviations.

Healthy and durable flooring

Junckers believes in utilising 100% of the forested timber, making it a CO2 positive company. All our products are indoor climate labelled, because we care about your health.

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Underfloor heating

Get design freedom; choose underfloor heating – the economical, elegant and comfortable solution to compliment your Junckers floors.

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How to install

A solid wooden floor from Junckers can be installed in three ways – the clip system, glue down system and the batten system. Which works best for you?

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