Nabolaget Etape 1

Location: Aarhus, Denmark ,

Categories: Multi Unit Housing

On the top of Katrinebjerg in northern Aarhus, the construction company Olav de Linde has built 272 studios in a building called the “Nabolaget”.
The plan is to build an additional 118 homes in a later stage.

The individual houses are between 5 and 14 storeys high, and are attractively situated overlooking the city and the bay, and within easy reach of the city centre, university and other education.

High attention has been paid to the details, as the intention has been to build rental housing with a good environment that does not resemble traditional rental buildings. “Nabolaget” uses many 'honest' quality and natural materials - such as slate, oak wood and natural stone. It's not only beautiful materials, but they are also very durable. On a number of occasions, the recycled brick has been used for selected walls, which creates a unique atmosphere.

Junckers 22mm solid Oak Harmony has been chosen as flooring in all living rooms. It adds a natural appearance to the floor gives the room a beautiful colour and structure. The surface treatment is a factory-applied ultra matt lacquer and the wooden floor was therefore ready for use immediately after installation.

As it was of high importance for the developer to signal quality in both architecture, material selection and function, the solid wooden flooring is glued to the subfloor, giving a unique sound comfort in the apartments, and an optimal effect of the underfloor heating

Choice of floorboard

Wooden flooring - Oak