Warming up to a long-lasting solution

15/01/2021 Today, there is more understanding around what makes a timber floor suitable for use with underfloor heating. Floors with a low and stable moisture content, guarded by tight production and quality controls, offer an all-natural flooring surface with both hot water and electric systems. A solid wood floor conducts heat well so offers a fast response time and acts as an efficient and even source of radiant heat.


11/01/2021 Emails are currently sent out where the sender looks like "", i.e. it looks like employees from Junckers are sending emails to business partners and customers. Zip files are attached where the content is not known. Be sure that the sender's address is only available once and no additional sender appears. Junckers does not normally send out Zip files, and it is strongly recommended to delete emails containing Zip files.

Historic concert room and galleries redesigned to welcome visitors

16/12/2020 St Cecilia’s Hall, which today is a part of the University of Edinburgh, has been thoughtfully redeveloped by Page Park Architects to create a more inclusive and user-friendly space.

Celebrating Danish design principles

10/11/2020 The house follows all the design elements we associate with good Danish design, features we love and come back to again and again – a recipe for a happy healthy home!

Time to replace?

03/11/2020 How do you know if a multi-purpose or activity floor needs replacing? Our technical supremo Richard guides you through the signs.

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