H 5.5


H 5.5



The double front-bars are removed (marked 1 and 2).

Place the first panel with the face-side down and move to the corner of the end-bar in one of the sides (marked with red circle).

Next panel is placed back-to-back with the first panel by stagger 5 cm. This way the panels rest on the battens and not the foam-strip. Third panel is now placed straight on top, and face-to-face, on the second panel.

Continue until 37 panels are stacked on one side of the rack.

Put the double front-bar back in place and continue stacking panels on the other side.

Half size panels:
Two half size panels can be placed on top on each side and replaces then the two full size top panels. This way each rack contains 72 full size panels and 4 half size panels. 

If Centre Row panels are included, these can be stacked the same way as explained above, but only on one side of the rack.

The other side of the rack can be used to store accessories (ramps, moisture barrier etc.)

When the rack is loaded, use the strap to keep all bars tight for safe transportation of the rack.

One fully loaded rack weighs approx. 1500 kgs and stores 74 full size panels.