Junckers & a:gain

Upcycled Parquet Flooring

Flooring design based on offcuts from Junckers' floor production

New strategic collaboration aims to create a quality upcycled flooring solution with minimal impact on the environment

Junckers has formed a collaboration with a:gain, a company specialising in the development and production of building materials and interiors made from waste products. The two companies will create flooring with potential minimal carbon footprint, using surplus wood and offcuts from Junckers’ floor production. With shared values and a strong commitment to providing climate-friendly products, Junckers and a:gain have entered into a long-term partnership to create new flooring solutions for the professional building industry. The collaboration will create a quality upcycled flooring option available at scale, making it easier for architects, designers, and developers to select a flooring option which actively promotes a circular economy within the construction industry.

Responsible use of natural resources is part of Junckers’ DNA. Since its inception in 1930, long before we faced global warming, the company focused on sustainable forestry and using every part of every tree. The fact that nothing is wasted in the production of its flooring is central to Junckers’ way of working, and always has been. Surplus wood is converted into energy which supplies the company’s factory as well as the local grid. There is a continuous focus on initiatives to minimise the impact on the environment and the collaboration with a:gain is another step on the way.


Upcycled Parquet Flooring



Funderø - Oak and Ash

Classic Danish mix of parquet flooring offcuts

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Funderø - Beech and Maple

Classic Court mix of parquet flooring offcuts

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Origin of the product

Funderø Parquet Flooring gives the traditional parquet floor a modern and environmentally friendly update, without compromising on JUNCKERS' high quality. Funderø is designed with offcuts, originating from JUNCKERS' flooring production. Since JUNCKERS offers a wide range of wood species and finishes, the upcycled products are designed with mixes of these. With variations in both material and finish, each floor has a unique and visually interesting look, without taking up too much attention in the space. We believe that what sets Funderø apart is our work with mixing wood species, giving our parquet flooring a unique look and feel. 

Funderø gets its name from the danish word 'funderet', which means established or grounded. It is a nod to the simple fact that a floor establishes a base in any space and is therefor a vital part of how the room is experienced.


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Press Release


Niels Clement, Nordic Sales Manager

“Junckers practices zero waste of resources and works to promote sustainable construction. We share these values with a:gain, making the decision to enter into a collaboration to develop new design solutions based on surplus wood from the production of our solid hardwood floors very easy. Both companies are committed to utilising waste and by-products, which provides good synergy for a collaboration to develop concepts for future projects with a focus on sustainability.”



Thomas Nygaard Hamann, CEO a:gain

“We have high expectations for our future collaboration with Junckers. They bring many years of valuable development and experience to the table, while as experts in creating scalable upcycled products for the professional construction industry, we can contribute new opportunities to the existing industry. If we are to come up with new, innovative solutions that can solve the climate challenges we face, the only way forward is collaboration across companies and skills. Our strategic collaboration to create new flooring products with Junckers is a good example of just that.”