Location: Wroclaw, Poland , Contractor: CourtTech, Square meters: 1430m2, Installation Method: UnoBat 62+

Categories: Squash/Racket ball

Hasta la Vista is the largest squash center in Poland. A modern and professional sport centre offering squash, badminton, gym – and table tennis.

Here patrons enjoy high-class courts in comfort and safety with special floors providing excellent cushioning and carefully chosen lighting creating great visibility. The space also provides an ideal setting for competitions and allows unlimited possibilities for world class sporting events such as Junior World Championships or the Individual Polish Championship.

The club’s showcase is the main, semi-glass squash court that allows to record and playback competitions and for streaming the matches live on-line.

22 courts was installed with Junckers Hardwood floors. The centercourt with Black Oak, the remaining 21 courts with Beech.

Solid hardwood flooring choices

Sports Floors - Beech SylvaSport

Sport Systems

UnoBat 62+