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Sports floors by Junckers: Prefinished and ready for use

Junckers is globally known and recognized for our solid hardwood sports floors. The sports floors are prefinished at our factory and treated with Junckers lacquers making every floor ready for immediate use after installation.

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Hardwood fitness floors for safety and resilience

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Why choose Junckers?

Junckers stands on a foundation of exceptional craftsmanship, embodying an uncompromising approach to quality that ensures every product and service exceeds the highest standards.

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Junckers sports floor boards have uniform lengths of 12' (3700mm) and cover approx. 5 square feet (0.5 m²). All floor boards are tongue and groove jointed all round.


Junckers sports floors come prefinished from the factory, making them ready for use immediately after installation.


Our Beech and Maple sports floors are dried using Junckers' unique press-drying method. This process imbues the floorboards with extreme strength and durability, ensuring they withstand the rigors of heavy use.


The urethane produced by Junckers for our sports floors is an extra hard-wearing polyurethane, applied in several coats to ensure a surface out of the ordinary.


Our floors are designed for ease of cleaning and maintenance. For daily upkeep, a simple sweeping or use of a cleaning machine with minimal water is sufficient. To further protect the floor and guarantee long life, we recommend occasional use of light sanding followed by re-sealing.

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Hardwood sports floors: Unmatched durability with a natural touch

Hardwood sports floors are unmatched in terms of durability. Renowned for its toughness and resistance to damage makes hardwood the ideal choice for high-impact sports and frequent use. It has a natural touch that provides a natural feel underfoot which is why hardwood is commonly used in basketball courts, dance studios, and fitness studios.

Versatile design and aesthetic appeal

With the ability to be finished in a variety of ways, hardwood flooring can accommodate the needs of any sport or fitness activity. The wood adds a natural and attractive look to the sports facility, making it more inviting and appealing to athletes, fans, and guests

Junckers wooden sports floors are easy to maintain, clean and refurbish. On a daily basis, the floor only requires sweeping or a machine cleaning using as little water as possible.

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The standard relates to both safety and sports technical properties and the most important key factors are described below.



Correct friction is important when ball players move rapidly on the floor, and the ideal friction rating is between 80 and 110. A friction value less than 80 makes the floor too smooth, and above 110 makes the floor too rough.

Friction for ball players demonstrated

Rolling load

The floor’s ability to withstand rolling loads is important for example where trolleys and retractable seating are used. Test results display whether the floor can withstand a rolling load of 1,500 N (approx. 150 kgs).

Rolling load for Junckers floor

Vertical deformation

The floor’s ability to absorb shock depends on its ability to flex when exposed to a dynamic load. Test results display the floor’s vertical deformation in mm when exposed to a dynamic impact equivalent to that of light jogging.

Vertical deformation on floors when exposed to dynamic load

Shock absorption

A shock absorbing floor minimises the risk of injuries. Testing measures the percentage of impact energy absorbed by the floor when landing a jump.

A shock absorbing floor minimises the risk of injuries

Ball bounce

A good ball bounce increases the ball control and the speed of the game. Test results display the rebound achieved by the floor as a percentage of the rebound measured on a concrete floor.

Floor with good ball bounce increases the ball control and the speed of the game



In spite of the good intentions of the European standard, there are no demands concerning strength and durability of a sports floor. Therefore Junckers has chosen to integrate two additional internal tests for evidence of these properties.

Fatigue test

This test is conducted on all Junckers class A4 floors. The floor is exposed to a series of controlled, dynamic point impacts of 3 kN (approx. 300 kgs) no less than 100,000 times, which efficiently simulates the equivalent of 25 years of normal use.

Point load testing

The demands on the floor’s ability to withstand point loads may be increased significantly when the sports floor is used for exhibitions, concerts and major sports events and where retractable seating is moved across the floor. These demands are simply not considered by the EN Standard. Therefore, Junckers sports floors undergo rigorous tests in order to ensure durable and versatile floors.