Eco 2K Floor Oil
1-day floor oil solution


Ideal for all wood species, including pine

Drying time 6-8 hours

Add hardener for increased durability and protection

Can be overcoated

A new, fast-drying oil

Eco 2K Floor Oil is a quick drying oil, enabling you to reduce time on site and finish the job in only one day. After application the floor is ready for use after a drying time of 8 hours. 

You can use the oil with and without hardener. It does not affect the drying time, but by adding hardener the durability and resistance to water is increased.

If you like the appearance of oil and want the advantages of a lacquered surface, it is possible to combine Eco 2K Floor Oill with a lacquer. For this purpose, we recommend Junckers MT500 Floor Lacquer or HT700 Floor Lacquer. Let the oil dry 16-24 hours, before starting to overcoat with lacquer.

Find out how to use the oil

Directions for use

We care about the indoor climate

Compared to similar products on the market, 2K Eco Protect oil has a very low content of VOC and is therefore in line with Juncker's policy of not using chemicals in an amount that adversely affect the air quality in the premises where the oil is applied.

Choose from many colours

You can choose a clear oil to achieve the classic look, but with Eco 2K Floor Oil we also provide a range of colours making it possible to add character to the room.

The colour white as well as the darker colours are slightly transparent and beautifully highlight the grain structure of the wood. Nordic is only recommended for light wood species. This colour helps to maintain a light untreated look of the floor. See the full colour palette below.

Antique Oak



London Grey