M/S Maritime Museum of Denmark


When the Maritime Museum of Denmark was refurbished by world renowned architect Bjake Ingels, he commissioned Junckers to develop a completely new type of floor. The intention was to create an untreated floor that was hard-wearing and could withstand the many visitors to the museum as well as provide a contrasting warmth to the overall impression of the museum and soften the transition between the patinated dock, and the new glass and steel.

Completely new floor developed
​So the architects investigated the market but didn’t find an obvious solution. However, Junckers A/S set to work immediately, developing a completely new wooden floor for the purpose. As Denmark’s largest supplier of solid hardwood flooring for both private individuals and professionals, Junckers is used to special solutions like these. Working in close collaboration with BIG (Bjarke Ingels Group), a solution was quickly found which matched the architects’ requirements.

The result is a solid, brushed oak wooden floor which provides a contrasting warmth to the overall impression of the museum. And it creates a spectacular diversion on the surface when the light hits the floor at an angle. It almost looks as though it’s alive. At the same time, it’s important for us that it is a hard-wearing floor which can withstand the many visitors to a museum – without needing to be constantly retreated”, says David Zahle.


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Square meters

2200 m2







Floor type

2 Strip Wooden Flooring

Wood type

Textured Oak


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