Elegant floor for elegant interior


When Metropolis, one of Norway’s leading interior design and interior architecture firms, designed their own offices in central Oslo, the design concept took them on a journey around the world, bringing different cultures, colours, sounds and smells under one roof to create an inspirational, creative working environment.

By dividing the space into different zones, which each have a different feel and purpose – flexible working stations both for teams and individuals; dedicated project and meeting rooms and a more relaxed and informal section which serves as a material library and social area, Metropolis created a workspace which in itself is a ‘tool’ in their creative process.

Our solid Black Oak Herringbone flooring has been installed throughout, an elegant floor for an elegantly designed space. We especially adore the confident pairing of our dark floors with dark walls, continued in the furniture, wall panelling, accessories and more.

Photography: Cathrine Holst / Metropolis