Introducing Twin Herringbone – a new parquet floor


Traditionally found in castles and stately homes, solid wood floors laid in geometric patterns evoke a sense of a timeless elegance and style. In the last decade, parquet floors have seen a sharp rise in popularity and today a herringbone (or chevron, basket weave or ladder pattern) floor is almost de rigueur, the floor of choice for hotels, bars, restaurants, retail and office spaces as well as private homes.

Herringbone, which is the most popular parquet floor, is made up of rectangular wood blocks, or staves, arranged in a pattern resembling fish bones. Junckers’ new Twin Herringbone wooden floor is an updated version of this much-loved classic. With Junckers’ trademark commitment to quality and craftsmanship, Twin Herringbone is a solid hardwood floor – as durable and long-lasting as a traditional parquet floor.

Made from Junckers’ classic two-stave flooring, each board consists of two rows of staves; one full-length and one with two half-length staves. This gives Twin Herringbone an authentic pattern and elegant look but at a very good price point. Delivered with a hardwearing factory-finished surface ready to walk on as soon as it is installed, Twin Herringbone has the advantage of saving on costly and time-consuming installation work as the floor does not have to be sanded, filled and treated after being fitted. A pre-finished floor is far superior in terms of durability with optimal wear resistance and a uniform appearance. It also has a significantly shorter installation time compared to an unfinished floor, with minimal inconvenience.

Available in solid Ash, Beech, Oak and Black Oak in a choice of matt or silkmatt lacquer or oil, as well as a large selection of colours. Each stave measures 129mm wide x 516.6mm long x 14 or 22mm thick. Ideal for use in all rooms of the house except bathrooms and can be used with all major underfloor heating systems. Twin Herringbone feels warm and solid underfoot, free from gaps or crevices.