Junckers Launches New Plank Floor


Nature is calling

Natural beauty in every plank

Nature plank flooring is our tribute to the infinite beauty of nature. The floor is inspired by the diversity of wild nature, expressed through its playful colours and vibrant vein patterns. 

Each plank encapsulates the unpredictable course of life, and you’ll find that every step on the floor tells its own story. 

Comes in 2 shades

Nature is available in the natural appearance of Oak and also with the surface Nordic.

Oak | Thickness x width:  20.5 x 140 mm 
Surface: Ultra matt, silk matt lacquer and untreated

A floor board with a warm and golden glow and an interesting grain structure. Natural ageing gives the wood an authentic appearance.

Oak Nature

Oak Nordic | Thickness x width:  20.5 x 140 mm 
Surface: Ultra matt lacquer

A floor board with a white toned surface. Adds a light Scandinavian touch to the floor.

Oak Nature Nordic

Grading description

The grading has a natural and authentic look from a wide spectrum of colour tones and variations between individual planks. 
These colour tones and vivid features make each plank tell its own story.
Extensive areas with lighter tones of colour are seen along the grain pattern and in the sapwood. Several large knots and natural fine splits occur. Knots and other irregularities are to the greatest extent possible factory filled with a one colour filler to ensure a uniform and beautiful surface.

Do not hesitate to reach out for any further questions.