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D 10.2



D 1.0

General information

D 1.2

Batten System Information

D 10.2

Specifier's Information

D 10.2.1

Laying Instruction

Fig. 1


The Junckers New Era Unobat Sports Floor System is based on 22mm solid boards nailed
to a resilient sub-floor of kiln dried softwood battens placed in adjustable polypropylene
cradles incorporating a foam base. The floor system is an area elastic type of sports floor
with high shock absorbency combined with a high ball bounce, which makes it suitable
for fast ball games as well as in multipurpose sports halls.

The minimum construction height is 74mm up to 449mm. Refer to page 5/5 showing all
system heights including breakdown of components.

The New Era Unobat System fully conforms to EN 14904 Class A4. (A3 for 63 mm thick

Please note that full documentation of a floor system comprises the data in D 1.0, D 1.2
D 10.2 and D 10.2.1. See Fig. 1


1 - Boards
• Junckers 22 mm boards for sports floors.

• Wood species/grades:
Beech, SylvaKet, Maple and Ash / Champion, Premium and Club
• Surfaces, See B 2.0.
• Thickness x width x Length:
22 x 129 x 3700 mm

2 - Nails
• 2.2 x 45 mm machine J-nails or 50 mm Portanails

3 - New Era Unobat Batten
• Batten dimensions:
48x45x 1800mm.
• Batten distance:
c/c 411.1 mm

4 - Cradles
• polyproplylene in various sizes incorporating 10mm thick Evazote polyethylene foam pad.
• Timber packing pieces: 2, 3, 6, 12 and 18mm.
• Polypropylene packing pieces: 1.5, 3, 6 and 12mm

5 - Moisture barrier
• Min. 0.20 mm PE membrane.

6 - Distance to wall
• 1.5 mm per running metre across width and 1 mm per running metre along length of the floor, but both min. 15 mm. Is also required at fixed points, e.g. columns.

Fig. 2

Fig. 3


22mm solid boards nailed to a substructure of plain softwood battens and polypropylene cradles. Battens are either 36x45mm x 1800mm, 48x45mm x 1800mm or 63x45mm x 2100mm long. Timber or polypropylene packing pieces are placed into the top of the cradle beneath the batten to level out undulations in the sub-floor. The New Era Unobat Floor System is installed on a dry, load bearing sub-floor of concrete, lightweight concrete, wooden materials or an existing or synthetic sub-floor. The floor system does not require a sub-floor produced to a tight flatness tolerance and can eliminate the need for a screed. The cradles are available in a wide range of heights to cater for most level deviations. A maximum of 15mm packing can be placed into each cradle before the next size cradle is required.

Batten distance of 411mm centres. Cradles are spaced at 450mm centres when using the 36x45mm batten, 600mm centres when using the 48x45mm batten and at 700mm centres when using the 63x45mm batten.

Batten centres and cradle centres can be reduced to strengthen the undercarriage for use with retractable seating units etc. Please contact Junckers Technical Dept for more information.

This floor system can also accommodate under floor heating which is suspended between batten rows.


The boards are nailed to the battens according to a fixed 10-board rule. The boards are laid in a continuous pattern with well-defined distribution of board header joints from row to row of 2 x the batten distance, i.e. 822.2 mm with c/c 411.1 mm. In that way all board header joints are supported.

Fig. 4


The 10‑board rule indicates the measurement across 10 boards when laid and is primarily based on the expected max. relative humidity of the building when in use.

See D 1.2 - 10-board rule

Fig. 4 illustrates the 10‑board measurement in relation to the relative air humidity. E.g.
an expected relative humidity of max. 65% RH normally give a 10-board measurement
of approx. 1294 mm. The limit of the 10-board measurement, which also depends upon the floor size, is shown in Fig. 4 as dotted lines.

The measurement is achieved by inserting temporary spacers between the boards during the installation process. Temporary spacers in various sizes are available from your supplier.

In case of doubt please contact Junckers Technical Service.


The New Era Unobat Sports Floor System is tested and approved for the maximum point loads shown below, in relation to load area and batten distance. See Rigidity and load- bearing strength:

c/c 411 mm:
Diameter, 25 mm: 3.5 kN (≈ 350 kg)
100x100 mm: 4.5 kN (≈ 450 kg)

Fig. 5


The New Era Unobat Sports Floor System is designed to bear the expected loads in
connection with sports and similiar activities.

Figure 5 shows the maximum point load-bearing strength at certain load areas and
batten distance. In a heavy load situation, e.g. back stop units, stages or retractable
seating, it may be necessary to decrease batten centres.

Table 1 shows the floor system in relation to the load classes in ENV 1991-2-1:1995,
where the load-bearing strength requirements are complied with and the floor has an
acceptable rigidity. The floor system's rigidity in relation to wheel loads is also shown. For
further definition of load classes and types, see technical information sheet.

See D 1.0 - Stiffness and load bearing strength of floors.


Loading types

Loading category

Area- and Point load

Wheel load

C4: Assembly halls for physical activity, e.g. gyms/theatres



C5: Assembly halls which can be crowded, e.g. sports halls incl. stands.



* Point load area min. 200 x 200 mm
** Wheel loads, see D 1.0 - Table 2


A moisture barrier is always installed on all concrete subfloors, min. 0.20 mm PE membrane, directly on the concrete. Before the floor is laid the residual moisture in the concrete must not exceed 90 % RH (UK 75 % acc. To BS 8201).

For thermal insulation see D 1.2 - Thermal insulation

Fig. 6


Bushings must be fitted so that both vertical and horizontal movement of the floor is
unimpeded. The size of the internal opening of the bushing must exceed that of the post
by minimum 40 mm. At the outermost edges of the floor all bushings are mounted
eccentrically towards the centre of the floor in relation to the post-sockets in the
concrete, so that the floor can expand freely. See Fig. 6.

Place extra support battens at net poles, pipes, etc


Net consumption for 1000 m2 New Era Unobat batten system

Batten distance 411 mm:



1000 m2 + approx. 2 %

Machine J-nails, 2.2 x 45 mm

20000 pcs.

36x45mm, 48 x 45mm or 63x45mm softwood battens

2700 m

New Era Cradles with 36x45mm battens

6600 pcs

New Era Cradles with 48x45mm battens

5000 pcs

New Era Cradles with 63x45mm battens
(Packing pieces will be dependant on sub-floor survey)

4000 pcs

Loose tongues

67 pcs.

Moisture barrier
min. 0.20 mm PE membrane

1100 m2 incl. overlaps

Junckers Sylvafix
(to glue wooden pieces and loose tongues)

15 bottles (15 x 0.75 litre)



S1: 17mm/31mm dual height cradle
S2: 45mm/60mm dual height cradle

S3: 55mm base, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S4: 74mm base, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S5: 74mm base, 35mm/50mm dual height top

S6:74mm base, 45 mm spacer, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S7:74mm base, 45 mm spacer, 35mm/50mm dual height top

S8: 74mm base, 2x45 mm spacers, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S9: 74mm base, 2x45 mm spacers, 35mm/50mm dual height top

S10: 74mm base, 3x45 mm spacers, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S11: 74mm base, 3x45 mm spacers, 35mm/50mm dual height top

S12: 74mm base, 4x45 mm spacers, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S13: 74mm base, 4x45 mm spacers, 35mm/50mm dual height top

S14: 74mm base, 5x45 mm spacers, 6mm/20mm dual height top
S15: 74mm base, 5x45 mm spacers, 35mm/50mm dual height top

Fig. 7


New Era System

22 mm floor
36 mm batten

22 mm floor
48 mm batten

22 mm floor
63 mm batten


Construction Height and Packing Range (incl. board)

Construction Height and Packing Range (incl. board)

Construction Height and Packing Range (incl. board)

Cradle centres

450 mm

600 mm

700 mm

Cradles required pr. m2

6.6 no

5.0 no

4.5 no

Linear metres of batten pr. m2 of flooring. (411 mm batten centres)

2.7 m

2.7 m

2.7 m

Dual Height Units





74 mm - 103 mm

86 mm - 115 mm

101 mm - 130 mm


103 mm - 133 mm

115 mm - 145 mm

130 mm - 160mm


119 mm - 148 mm

131 mm - 160 mm

146 mm - 175 mm


138 mm - 167 mm

150 mm - 179 mm

165 mm - 194 mm


167 mm - 197 mm

179 mm - 209 mm

194 mm - 224 mm


183 mm - 212 mm

195 mm - 224 mm

210 mm - 239 mm


212 mm - 242 mm

224 mm - 254 mm

239 mm - 269 mm


228 mm - 257 mm

240 mm - 269 mm

255 mm - 284 mm


257 mm - 287 mm

269 mm - 299 mm

284 mm - 314 mm


273 mm - 302 mm

285 mm - 314 mm

300 mm - 329 mm


302 mm - 332 mm

314 mm - 344 mm

329 mm - 359 mm


318 mm - 347 mm

330 mm - 359 mm

345 mm - 374 mm


347 mm - 377 mm

359 mm - 389 mm

374 mm - 404 mm


363 mm - 392 mm

375 mm - 404 mm

390 mm - 419 mm


392 mm - 422 mm

404 mm - 434 mm

419 mm - 449 mm

NOTE: See Fig. 7 for required components corresponding to the different heights.
NOTE: For the New Era UnoBat Acoustic system the system heights will be 4mm lower than those shown on the heights table.
NOTE: New Era Unobat is available with an over all 60mm elevation (22mm floor board, 22mm thick batten and 16mm cradle).
Cradles are available to special order to suit 22mm thick battens.