Wood Clad Walls

Indoor wood wall cladding is a contemporary way to add a feature wall to an interior, residential as well as commercial. The natural beauty of wood is not only attractive to look at, it adds depth, texture and warmth to room. With so many options to choose from – timber species, colour, textured surfaces, grain pattern and plank width – interior designers have the flexibility to create a stunning feature with a wooden wall.

All our solid wooden floors are suitable for use as wall cladding, and even on wooden ceilings

Choose a lighter timber to reflect more light in the room, or a darker shade to add drama. Whatever colour you choose the structural grain pattern which occurs naturally in wood adds a unique, subtle pattern.

Combine several types of wood or varying depths of colour; install planks horizontally or vertically on your walls; use our brushed floorboards to create a rich, textured surface, the opportunities to design a focal point are many.

A design trick often used by architects and designers, wood clad walls can often be found in contemporary offices spaces, in hotel and retail interiors, large entrances and restaurants, anywhere where you would want to create a warm and welcoming space. The same effect can easily be recreated in a home, where a wall clad in wood can add interest and individuality.

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Some of the worlds greatest architects had an idea.
Why just do the floors when you want to bring in natural, sustainable elements to a building?


You can use our hardwood floors on your walls to create an exclusive atmosphere and adds a unique look to any room.

Have a wall covered in the darkest black oak and you will imediately see that it adds sophistication and elegance or try the classic beech to add brightness, life and colour.


Wood Species | Grade | Color & Surface

Wood Species for wooden wall decor
Choose from the light Beech, the warm golden Oak or the near-white Ash.

Ranging from the uniform Classic with very little color and graining variation to the lively and rustic Variation with substantial color and grain-structure variation.

Colour & Surface for wood clad walls
Our panels are made from the same material as our hardwood floors and thus comes in the same color choices. That means you can have the light Beech Nordic or the dark and rustic Textured Black Oak up on the wall aswell as on the floor.

Building Regulations require a specific level of fire resistance for indoor wooden clad walls and wooden ceilings.

Contact your local Junckers representative to review and confirm if the flame spread rating works for your project.  Junckers boards are available prefinished or unfinished.

Projects with wooden clad walls and wooden ceilings